It only works on so-called "expression lines", such as frown lines and surprise lines on the forehead, smoothing them and preventing them from becoming more pronounced. It won't do anything for sun-damaged skin or lines caused by skin sagging, such as nasolabial folds. Dr Teh is experienced in treatments with Ultherapy, Exilis and Thermage. One way… Read More

Your therapist can give you more information based on the pricing depending on where you want to see your results. The first step for any procedure at Lumiere is a consultation with our skilled specialists. Here we will discuss your current situation and aesthetic goals to find the right procedure or procedures for you.We rate the pain 3/10, which … Read More

Dr Ellis Choy is pleased to offer a wide array of breast surgery options. Many women come from across Australia seeking his expertise in breast augmentation and other breast enhancement procedures. Breast augmentation with Dr. Philip Richardson is always performed at a fully accredited hospital under general anaesthetic with a qualified anaesthetis… Read More

If you are unsure, or if you feel pressured, you should reconsider having breast augmentation surgery. The breast augmentation procedure and implants are not guaranteed to last a lifetime. As you age, experience changes with your weight, or decide to have children, it may be that further surgery is required. As a general rule of thumb, breast impla… Read More

Over the same period the US equity market also fell significantly but the US currency is a ‘safe haven’ currency, ensuring money flows into US dollars in times of uncertainty. It means the US can suffer economically from a global shock but its dollar remains strong. It is important to note, that by engaging in leveraged trading like this, you a… Read More