Encre Noire Lalique For Men

I have always envisaged Tom Wolfe wearing this. Launched by the design house of Lalique in the year 2013. The design house of woody aquatic fragrance has a blend of nutmeg, bergamot, grapefruit, watery notes, cypress, lavender, cashmere wood, and vetiver. Encre Noire is a fragrance created in praise of wood. When you smell rose, in your mind you picture the flower or a garden. When you smell a standard men’s sporty cologne, you think of cleanliness and strength.
People I've shown this fragrance to have rather said it just smells peaceful, among other similar things. When I smell it, it reminds me of my time in Hawaii. Not of the commercial, Honolulu beach, drinking from a coconut Hawaii, but rather the nature aspects and the calm, untouched wet forest areas. It really smells so natural and beautiful, like a place untouched by humanity where only mother nature has done a thing, and you're here to see it. People keep touting this fragrance as a sad, uninviting one, but I don't find it as that at ALL. You could definitely call it melancholy but even then I see it as just a very, very peaceful fragrance. It smells just like being at peace, whether you're sad or happy.

The playful shimmer of the top notes is an instant draw, but equally alluring is the drydown of musky wood shavings and smoked twigs. Encre Noire is bracing and uplifting, and its complete lack of sweetness means that it stays this way for hours. The drydown is an earthy/woody vetiver, dark, spicy, smoky and slightly boozy.
Encre Noire, a 2006 Lalique release, was originally labeled as a masculine scent. It has two facets- a dark and thick ink-like vetiver, of the kind Chanel took to the extreme in Sycomore, but also a very cool green, almost fresh and airy side. These two opposites come and go on skin, keeping things much more complex and intricate than you'd expect from a designer masculine eau de toilette. Encre Noire cologne for men at a discount price.

I was pleasantly surprised last Christmas to be introduced to this fragrance wandering the refurbishment of Myers department store in Melbourne. Retailers were in overdrive with the gift-giving season in full swing. I spent some time talking to the boutique staff, actually one of Trimex’ own staff who was helping kick-start the business for the opening.
mixing it with fougère or gourmand is the perfect combination. in my case I mixed it with Azzaro night time, Encre noir added more masculine effect to the mix, and night time make the mix less sharp than pure Encre.
ENE is a personal fragrance you wear for your own enjoyment. Men and women over 30 years of age can pull this one easily since the vetiver does not know the gender, nor does the perfumery. At this stage, the fragrance also calms down significantly which also proves that the perfume name was a total misnomer. Although Lalique claims that Encre Noire Extreme contains Haitian and Java vetivers, I highly doubt that due to its price. Vetiver and sandalwood in this fragrance were probably recreated with ISO E Super molecule. The opening starts with a fantastic high-quality mix of ripe bergamot infused with vetiver smoke and backed up by foresty cypress. Nonetheless, the is one big redeeming quality of this scent, and that quality is its price point for which you can pick it up from fragrance discounters.

Licorice, leather, pencil shavings, pine . I'm sure I'll be thought of as "old-fashioned" for daring to gender a scent, but this is far too masculine for me to feel comfortable wearing. I think I would adore it on a man, if applied with a light hand. Vetiver often rubs me the wrong way - feeling medicinal, bitter, triggering the dread and anxiety I associate with a hospital visit. I'm delighted that this is a lovely, earthy, soothing vetiver. I had been waiting long time to get a bottle of this super hyped cheapie. Finally, I got it and it was clear to me that the ingredients were of excellent quality.
Not my sort of thing, maybe everyone else will love it. I would buy it for that gorgeous bottle alone. On me it is drier, darker and considerably smokier than VE, but surprisingly not as spicy. As it turns out, Encre Noire is even better than I could have hoped. I love it, and I can see reaching for it frequently (and as we all know, the two aren't always related). DecantX takes decanting fragrance very seriously.

And it's wearable for day and night, giving me a masculine authority feel. I gave this two years of use before reviewing. I say this is a dressy vetiver scent for those that visit here prefer refined style. It dresses up nicely, some have said "black tie" I say just anything formal. Smells so much like niche quality, I am shocked at the low price.
I mean… I really love Sycamore or Terre d’Hermmes openings but this one was that strong that it made me nauseous. I was very disappointed because I really wanted to like this frag. After 1 hour, I started to get the feeling of liking it more and more to the point of loving it! The dry down is significantly better than the opening and the woody note comes into the game altogether with a marked Iso e super note . This is a first ever woody fragrance I love. My type of scent is sweet gourmand, but this one is an exception. A soft woody notes is the main core of this fragrance.

It's quite surprising how popular Encre Noire is, considering it's severity and austerity. Recently, I was tired of my beloved CDG and was looking for something new. I found this fragrance and it turned out to be perfect.
I think it is a must for collectors who need to operate within a strict budget. Surprising good and affordable like so many Lalique fragrances from the discounters. For me this smells like herbal grass and liquorice. I really like vetiver when it´s smooth like in Terre d'Hermes Hermès. Encre Noire still manages to be the best one out of the trio as it is overall better executed and stunningly composed. The overall scent can come off as damp, wet, gloomy, some may even find it bleak but it is a fragrance that conveys itself as understated elegance.
Manly man, versatile, office impactful but friendly, impeccable fragrance. I understand its name "encre noire" - black ink - as an analogy to the monochromatic basic black of fashion - a timeless classic, distant from temporary trends. For the scent, I always think of a small village town or a cottage house in the countryside.

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